Friday, December 14, 2012

20 Things I Never Thought I'd do Before 20

Yesterday was the most wonderful birthday I could have asked for. All of my best friends and family called me, texted me, or in some way wished me a happy birthday and I was spoiled to the max.  It feels wonderful to finally be 20! I'm so excited for the many years and adventures to come. Here's a list of some things you probably already knew about me, but 20 things I would never have thought I would do in my first 20 years. On to the decade of decisions! 

1) Live in CEDAR CITY for almost 2 years (by the time we leave) and Go to SUU

2) Apply to BYU! Wow, never saw that one coming!

3) Be able to drive a stick shift car

4) Meet Jackie Chan TWICE in 2 different settings

5) Go to the Middle East to change lives (including my own)
Link to my mission blog 
6) Ride a Camel at Petra

7) Go to the Great Wall of China (And in the process visit 3/7 wonders of the world)

7) Be on a Video Billboard in Times Square and real life billboards all over America and share my testimony will thousands all over the world (link)

8) Pass out at my Senior Prom/Ride in an ambulance (story here)

9) Go on a cruise!

10) Go fishing for reals

11) Become the Relief Society President

12) Get an iPhone

14) Mow a lawn

15) Played a whole game of Monopoly

16) Know all the ins and outs of the Insurance world

17) Cut straight bangs

18) Go to New York City

19) Fall in love

20) Marry the most amazing person I've ever met who speaks Japanese, loves me, and who I adore every day. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Mission Call

I know everyone my age with a standard deviation of 2 years is on or going on a mission, but the Lord didn't want to leave me out. I got my own call about a month ago and just got set apart this last week...

When I was first called, I just couldn't stop crying. Feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, excitement, and nervousness filled me for hours. I was so overcome with so many emotions! Since we are moving in 6 months, I didn't think that the causal meeting with the bishop after the block would turn into such an ordeal! Even though it was literally the LAST thing I could have imagined, it was a very abrupt and clear answer to a prayer we'd had for a few weeks.

I am so excited to start serving the incredible women in our ward. I have come to love and appreciate them already. I pray that I will be able do what needs to be done for each of the individuals in our ward. 

For now, I am humbled, and so excited to start Mission: RS. What a blessing to be able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Lisa's Favorite Things

Just some of my favorite things... and my favorite things to dream about! Brett said that all he wants for Christmas is me.. so I think that means I can get a few extra things off my list, right? ;) Hehe. I love that boy.

This is my FAVORITE hair product! My mom sent me a little sample bottle last year in a care package, and I am crazy about it! It really is a miracle product. It claims to do 10 things for your hair including de-frizzing, protecting, straightening, and to top it off, it smells really good! Before I found this product, I used probably 3 or 4 different (super expensive) products on my hair daily: BioSilk (which is SUPER expensive, but it  has other uses besides hair too so I will still recommend it), Chi Iron Guard, a leave-in conditioner, and maybe some balm or something. My hair gets REALLY dry, fizzy, and brittle if I don't put product in it after I shower- so at night I'd either have to dry it completely and straighten a little if I didn't want matted, gross hair the next day, or just go with the ugly hair the next day. 

This one product transformed all of that! Now, after I shower, I spray it on 2 TIMES, then brush it through my wet/damp hair. That's it! I can go to sleep, and the next day when  if I wake up late, I don't have to worry too much about my hair. It's soft, smells great, and very silky. I still use the Chi Iron Guard if I am going to use heat on dry hair, but otherwise, this is the only hair product I use. Very occasionally, I don't put it in (why, I don't know) and there is a noticeable difference in my hair. I totally recommend it for ALL hair types. A 10 oz bottle is about $30, but I have the 4oz. bottle which is about $10, depending on where you get it. The great thing is, you don't have to use a lot- 2-3 sprays, so it's very economical for what you get. I got the 4oz for Christmas last year, and I still have about half the bottle left, and I've used it every day for about a year. So it is really like cents a day! The perfect gift for a wife, girlfriend, sister, or anyone! They also have tons of different awesome products that I'd love to try.

Vanilla Bean Paste

I've heard sooo many great things about this product, so I am so excited. I've been researching the different types of vanilla (weird), and this seems like the perfect fit, especially for custards, pastry creams, and ice cream. I've heard there is a HUGE bottle of this at Orson Gygi in SLC.. so I might have to get it next time I'm up there and not buy anything for the next few months lol. I would love to receive this (hint: Brett) for my bday or Christmas! This is coming from the girl who asked for a rolling pin when I was 7 for Christmas (???) and a bundt pan for my birthday 2 years ago.. (Super weird)


The best thing that ever happened to me (Besides my family.. the Gospel.. my husband.. school.. it's a 10... Ok, but you get the point) 
I love how synced my world is. I love my iPhone! I tried a droid phone and hated it so I switched to this (and got $50 back!) a few days after it died on my and went all wacky one day after the phone came out. 

Avo's are actually fruits, not veggies! FFOTD. These are an excellent source of a healthy fat, and are just delicious. 
Perfect to have on hand for a guacamole, sandwiches, omelets, wraps, etc. My new favorite lunch is an open avocado-tomato sandwich that my boss served to me a few times. Just toast some bread, spread mayo (I don't like mayo so I omit), smash a ripe avo in a bowl or just right on the bread, and slice a few slices of tomato on top. Sprinkle with salt/pepper.. so yummy! 

Brett LOVES milk, and so it's been great to have .75 off milk coupons off of this site! they also have $1 off any brand cheese (more than 2lb), and lots of bogo's on new products. There's a lot of stuff I don't eat on there, but if you're a big cereal fan, they usually have good GE coupons and I occasionally find some for treats Brett likes. My latest find was some coupons for Tillamook yogurt.. SO good!

These are by far the most used tool in my kitchen that I got for our wedding! They are perfect for frying, sauteing, and just... anything! Oh my goodness. I love them. 

Peppermint Essential Oil
I work for a doTERRA consultant, and I  haven't tried many oils, but for some reason, Brett and I are always experiencing headaches. We go through Excedrin like it's candy at our house. I really wanted to try and find alternatives to just plain old medications and drugs, and I think I've found a good solution! We just rub a few drops on our foreheads and temples, and it immediately cools and helps it feel better. I love the smell too!

Student Discounts
Especially in our town, pretty much anywhere you go you can find a student discount- Most of the time, just ask! We've gotten discounts at almost all our favorite restaurants (not like there are many to choose from! lol), haircuts, and services.

These are just a few of my favorite things... what are some of yours? Have you tried any of these products?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Quick Pic Update

So I thought that I'd have more time today, but this isn't the case! I've finally uploaded all the pictures on our computer from JUNE! So I have a LOT of catching up to do.. My New York Trip, our weekend trip to California, our Cruise to Mexico, and all the new things going on! Most of the time I just take pictures from my iPhone now, and it's not letting me download all my pictures on my computer. It must be too ancient to keep up with my phone haha. So you'll hear more about bigger events when I get a chance to post from our other computer. As for now, here's a quick update on some fun things we've been up to the last few months...

My first real time fishing with my amazing in-laws. It was such a fun date!

Catching up with wonderful friends

My birthday boy!

Brett's flag football team

The wife cheer squad

I threw a surprise party for Brett's bday with a few friends. More pics to come!

Games and homemade donuts in our cute apartment

A halloween party I helped host. It was so fun! I made apples and a delicious vanilla caramel sauce dip.

Well, that was anti-climactic! More to come later! 

-The Childs

Monday, October 1, 2012


Our lives as of late consist of:
  • Getting up too early in the morning
  • Walking to class
  • Going to work
  • Going to Brett's intramural football games
  • Making yummy dinners
  • Being institute class presidents for our married peeps class
  • Homework
  • Going to the ELC to do homework
  • Watching Greys Anatomy (Lisa)
  • Drawing, lots (Lisa)
  • Eating Double Stuf Oreos (Brett, though this is always;)
  • More homework
  • Watching "Gangnam Style" every chance we get!
  • Enjoying the beautiful fall weather
  • Drinking Brazilian Lemonades and our favorite Sour Cream and Cheddar Chips
  • Staying busy with our church callings (RS/EQ teachers)
  • Being in love with Malamute puppies (Lisa) and German Shepard puppies (Both)
  • Cooking, baking, and creating delicious recipes 
  • Laundry
  • Playing with our married friends!
  • Going to the gym so we can pass our class
  • Listening to Christmas music (Lisa)
  • Getting ready for our CRUISE in a few weeks to Mexico! My husband surprised me with this at HIS surprise birthday party. He is so wonderful. We are excited to take our belated honeymoon.
  • Lots of school
  • Lisa thinking to blog more
  • Wishing to move up North
  • Loving each other!
That's all right now, just a quick update. I'm actually going to start getting better at this again.

Ps, if you haven't seen this yet- PLEASE watch it and laugh for a year.

- Brett and Lisa

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Kekkonshiki [Wedding]

The Wedding day- The most beautiful day of our lives. We were sealed by Elder Kikuchi at the Salt Lake Temple on May 11, 2012. It was a wonderful and emotional ceremony that I will never forget. Here are some of the pictures from our special day.
Our first picture as Mr. and Mrs. Childs

Loved these shots of my best friends

All of our wonderful family and friends. We love you ALL!

Our photographer said he has shot over a hundred weddings at the SL Temple and only two times the fountain (controlled by a wind detector) had been on. We really had a perfect day- weather and all!

The beautiful flowers

The perfect song

All my girlfriends who came to the reception

And then the day ended! It was amazing and seriously surreal. Months of planning, anticipation, stress, trials and emotions came to a wonderful conclusion.  I couldn't believe how fast the day had gone. After our wedding day, it just became... life! And a wonderful life it has been. I love being married, and I love my Brett.