Friday, December 14, 2012

20 Things I Never Thought I'd do Before 20

Yesterday was the most wonderful birthday I could have asked for. All of my best friends and family called me, texted me, or in some way wished me a happy birthday and I was spoiled to the max.  It feels wonderful to finally be 20! I'm so excited for the many years and adventures to come. Here's a list of some things you probably already knew about me, but 20 things I would never have thought I would do in my first 20 years. On to the decade of decisions! 

1) Live in CEDAR CITY for almost 2 years (by the time we leave) and Go to SUU

2) Apply to BYU! Wow, never saw that one coming!

3) Be able to drive a stick shift car

4) Meet Jackie Chan TWICE in 2 different settings

5) Go to the Middle East to change lives (including my own)
Link to my mission blog 
6) Ride a Camel at Petra

7) Go to the Great Wall of China (And in the process visit 3/7 wonders of the world)

7) Be on a Video Billboard in Times Square and real life billboards all over America and share my testimony will thousands all over the world (link)

8) Pass out at my Senior Prom/Ride in an ambulance (story here)

9) Go on a cruise!

10) Go fishing for reals

11) Become the Relief Society President

12) Get an iPhone

14) Mow a lawn

15) Played a whole game of Monopoly

16) Know all the ins and outs of the Insurance world

17) Cut straight bangs

18) Go to New York City

19) Fall in love

20) Marry the most amazing person I've ever met who speaks Japanese, loves me, and who I adore every day. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Mission Call

I know everyone my age with a standard deviation of 2 years is on or going on a mission, but the Lord didn't want to leave me out. I got my own call about a month ago and just got set apart this last week...

When I was first called, I just couldn't stop crying. Feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, excitement, and nervousness filled me for hours. I was so overcome with so many emotions! Since we are moving in 6 months, I didn't think that the causal meeting with the bishop after the block would turn into such an ordeal! Even though it was literally the LAST thing I could have imagined, it was a very abrupt and clear answer to a prayer we'd had for a few weeks.

I am so excited to start serving the incredible women in our ward. I have come to love and appreciate them already. I pray that I will be able do what needs to be done for each of the individuals in our ward. 

For now, I am humbled, and so excited to start Mission: RS. What a blessing to be able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.