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About Brett:
I married Brett, the man of every girl's dreams, literally. I've been at school on more than one occasion that I met someone that went to high school where Brett did and so I asked if they knew who he was and they would say "Oh yeah! He was the lead in the plays and the football captain and I had the biggest crush on him! He was the nicest kid ever. Every girl wanted him!" They would turn a few shades of red a second later when I told them I was his wife:) Even my best friend who's at school in Logan had the same experience with her roommate- she asked if she knew Brett and she said she wanted to marry him! Much to her embarrassment, my best friend told her that her best friend married him. The point is, I got lucky;) 

This picture with the telescope just KILLS me every time!
Starring as "The Beast"
Such a handsome Beast!
HiLites Show Choir- Brett has an incredible voice
His favorite thing to do!
Serving as an LDS missionary in Japan
Brett was Student Body Vice President the same year I was Student Body President !
Brett is amazingly talented in music, sports, with people, in business, and is so in tune with the gospel. He is patient with me, and while other girls wish their husbands would surprise them with sentimental and cute letters, meals, and random acts of kindness, I am blessed with them daily. Not only is he talented, he is loving, caring, loyal, and so selfless. Brett aspires for his MBA and is a very hard worker! He is double-majoring in Japanese and Business and also has taken Spanish for the last two years. I am so proud of my wonderful Brett and love him so much!

About Lisa
What can I say? I love life, and I love my husband! I am a Commnications Major with a Japanese Minor. I absolutely LOVE To cook, and I like to think I'm pretty dang good at it too;) At least my husband's stomach agrees. I have been blessed to travel to many wonderful places in my life, and early on I found my passion in an organization called Operation Smile. It changed my life, especially when I was accepted and trained to go on a medical mission in Amman, Jordan. It was the best thing that had ever happened to me at that point. I wasn't blessed with any musical talent, much to my dismay, but I love art and drawing, and always love a good book. I'm pretty technically savvy and I LOVE to read the news! I'm a nerd of sorts, but I love to travel and eat ice cream. My wish is to have a cuddly puppy, see the world, plant my own garden, and have cute kids :)
I used to be pretty cute, I think our kids have a chance!
On my Operation Smile Mission to Amman, Jordan

Speaking at Graduation as the Student Body President
Riding a camel at Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world
On the Great Wall of China, another Wonder of the World!
Senior Prom and KJ's first prom, though that's another story;)

About Us
We met on the first day of school in the bookstore of my freshman year of college. I was helping my roommate find a Spanish book that she needed for her class- the same class that Brett was in. He claims he saw me in the bookstore and was eyeing me for a while until he saw me talk to my roommate.. then, he made the swoop "Hey, (to my roommate) you're in my Spanish class... who's your friend?"

I introduced myself and my roommate was quickly disregarded. We chatted and he learned that I spoke (minimal) Japanese, and he FREAKED out. I am almost positive there was a little jumping up and down going on, but if you ask him, he'll deny it;) I gave him my number, Facebook stalked him in the meantime, and he asked me out for the next day. We had our first date at the cutest little local place in town, and I felt self-conscious because it was the best sandwich I think I had ever had, and all I wanted to do was eat my entire meal, but he had only taken a few bites. He just was talking and having a great time! Don't get me wrong, I loved it too-- we were there for 2 hours before we decided we should get going-- it was just such a good sandwich! I did not eat my whole meal as I didn't want him to think I was a pig, so I painfully abandoned the few bites left of my sandwich and salad as we left, hungry for more (if you catch my drift;)

At the Crepe Party- our first picture together! I had to work to get that picture!
I left the date thinking it was a fun time and a great guy, but I was NOT looking for a boyfriend or anything, and when I didn't hear from him for a few days, I was surprised to find myself wishing I had. We even had a class together, but I sat by another boy from the basketball team who I had also met on the first day of school and had asked for my number. I was a little disappointed, but didn't think too much. That weekend, my apartment had a "crepe party" with a whole bunch of people we had met that week. We ate and invited him and his roommates to come. We had so much fun playing games and being together. That was on a Sunday night and we didn't have school that Monday because of a holiday. After everyone had gone home, we just started talking.. and kept talking... and talking.. we talked until the sun came up and around 5:30am, we decided it may be a good idea to get some sleep!

About 2 weeks after we started hanging out and 'dating', Brett's roommate was over at my apartment (he at the time found an interest in my roommate and they were also dating). He told me that marriage was the only thing he wanted and he would have gotten married months ago if the girl he wanted wasn't still in high school. This freaked me out BAD, to say the least. I definitely didn't think Brett was like his roommate, but I wanted to clear it up so I wasn't a nervous wreck. So, that night, I sat Brett down and gave him my agenda. No marriage, nothing serious, didn't want anything if our expectations would be different, my graduate degree, wanted to get married in 6-7 years, etc.. I think it may have scared him off a little bit, but he coolly played it off and told me to calm down and not worry, it would all be ok...

A few months later, we got engaged and my plan flew out the window for a plan even better than I could have ever dreamed! The rest, they say, is history!

We got married in the Salt Lake Temple on May 11, 2012. We have traveled to Mexico, Hawaii, California, Las Vegas, Arizona, and next week, to Japan in our short one year of marriage. We have loved every adventure. Most people say the first year is the hardest- I say it was the most incredible year of my life! We love each other to eternity and feel so blessed to have found each other. 

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