Thursday, June 26, 2014

2013 for the Childs Family

So I know it's halfway through the year, but I had to post the update I wrote a few months ago for 2013. It was a great year, and I've been putting off posting because all our pictures were on our hard drive, but I'm just going to do it! Ash, thanks for inspiring me!

2013 had many ups, downs, changes, and blessings for our little family. Since we are both college students, we measure time by semesters. J We started our last semester at Southern Utah University in Cedar City and happily found out we were both accepted to the University of Utah in February. We decided to move the 3.5 hours north after we earned our associate's degrees to live in Salt Lake City. In March, we decided that we needed to do something spontaneous, and we booked two tickets for an 11-day trip to Japan! In May, we got released from our callings (EQ Teacher for Brett, RS President for Lisa), graduated from SUU (tear), spent 3 weeks meticulously packing up our entire little basement apartment (our first home!), and went on the trip of a lifetime. 

Purikura Picture Booths were my favorite :)
We were blessed to be able to stay with friends and a member from Brett’s mission, which helped us tremendously. We visited incredible places, hiked a huge mountain where we played with wild monkeys at the top, ate ramen every chance we got, went to the Hiroshima peace museum, and celebrated our first wedding anniversary at Tokyo Disneyland! 

A beautiful evening at Miyajima. We took a ferry to get out to the island. It was insanely gorgeous!

At the Genpaku Dome at Hiroshima. We were both bawling about 1 second before this picture was taken. It was the most powerful place I've ever been to.

We hiked to the top of Arashiyama in Kyoto and played with wild monkeys. We also rented a boat and rowed up the river there. SO amazing!!

Our 1st Wedding anniversary celebrated at Tokyo Disney Sea. It rained all day and we were the ONLY people in the ENTIRE park without an umbrella and ponchos. We were soaked to the bone, but it was the best day ever!

The first year of our fun, awesome marriage was filled with so many incredible memories and we are SO blessed! We had the best time being at Tokyo Disney Sea in the soaking rain, reflecting on the best year of our lives. Many people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but we would boldly disagree. It was the best, easiest, fastest, and happiest year of our lives. While we of course had some trials, life was so good to us that we can’t complain.

Imagine this, times 30 boxes, in a hot and humid room for 10 days, right after coming home from Japan, 2 days before moving. Lisa=lost it.

After we returned home from our trip (at 1am), we discovered that our house had flooded while we were gone for almost two weeks—two days before we were scheduled to leave for Salt Lake! All of our belongings in our neatly, perfectly packed boxes were damp, moldy, and many were ruined. Yearbooks, scrapbooks, a down comforter, luggage, guitar case, and many cherished memories. It was a tragic end to our beautiful trip, but after Brett dried my many tears, we got to work and ripped all our boxes open and started sifting through the wreckage, filed a renter’s claim (thank you, State Farm!!), did loads and loads of laundry, and threw a lot of stuff away. We had over $4,000 in damage:( Thanks to Brett’s family and the help of some sisters in my ward, we were able to thankfully get everything re-packed and ready to haul to our new home- Salt Lake City! 

Cabin trip last summer with some of our  best friends

After we moved to Salt Lake, we just fell in love. It was the best/right thing for us to do at the time and we just can’t get enough of it. We have the MOST incredible neighbors in our little community, and have made the best of friends, which we felt we didn’t really have before in Cedar City. We started our junior year at the University of Utah- Lisa as a Communications major, and Brett as a Business management major. Our experience at the U really made us miss SUU. SUU is the most incredible school with caring, smart, and qualified educators, wonderful student body, and the best community. While we LOVE living in Salt Lake, we absolutely miss SUU. The U is unfortunately not the right fit for me, but it has been a good experience. The friends, family, neighbors and area make up for what school lacks.

3 Generations of wonderful Childs' Men

We had fun going to the Childs’ family reunion at East Canyon in July. One thing that we absolutely know is that we were supposed to move to Salt Lake City to be closer to our family. Brett grew up away from most of his dad’s family his whole life, so the relationships he had with many of  them were distant and mild, at best. Many of them I hadn’t even met until the day of our wedding. In October, Brett’s perfect grandfather passed away due to complications following a heart attack. We spent almost every single day at the hospital for one month with family members as we sat, laughed, cried, and held one another. This experience was an enormous trial for both Brett and myself, but brought us very close together and really created strong relationships with family members. We had a lot of tender moments and spiritual experiences through it. We know without a doubt that we moved 5 minutes away from the hospital for a reason, and we are grateful for that daily.  Being able to take the shuttle from home, to class, to the hospital, back to class, and then back up to the hospital was a luxury that we could never be grateful enough for.

Brett at his desk at State Farm

Brett: left his job at State Farm (tear!) when we moved from Cedar City, and we are so grateful for that incredible learning experience. Sherrie Hansen is the best person in the whole world and we love her! That job was such a great place for us. When we moved to Salt Lake, Brett was able to acquire a job at MarketStar in their HP division. I was so proud of him! He is so talented and I am so blessed to have him in my life. He is seriously the most thoughtful, caring, and kind person that I know. I love him dearly and can’t believe that someone as perfect as him puts up with me! Brett was called to be the Elder’s Quorum 1st Counselor in our new ward, and loves it. He was called about two weeks after we moved here, so it was a huge surprise. Brett also got a new toy this year—a motorcycle! I’ll admit, I hated the idea of it at first, but we like it a lot now J

Chef Lisa
Lisa: had just one job this year in Cedar City doing consulting and marketing for a local client. I helped to conceptualize, organize, write, edit, and publish an Amazon best-selling book called “Trust Your Intuition.” It was such a challenging and rewarding experience to be able to do that! After leaving Cedar, I continued to do media, marketing, social, and communications consulting as an independent contractor for private clients. In May, I said goodbye to two of my very best friends as they went on missions, and I cried- a lot! In November, I did a photo shoot for the June 2014 issue of the Ensign, so look for that coming up! I also got called as a ward missionary and visiting teaching district supervisor. When I’m not at school, I was cooking- a lot! Even though the stove in our new place sets a record for smallest, weakest thing on the planet (it doesn't even fit some of my cookie sheets!), I’ve been loving having the Farmer’s Market and access to more Japanese ingredients to cook a lot more.

I sure love this boy! (ps, the shadow makes Brett look like he has the weirdest/longest neck in the world!) 

Seeing as 2014 is half over, so I’ll do a 6 month review soon.. So much has happened in 2014 already! But quickly, the biggest thing is the LISA IS GRADUATING IN DECEMBER! Woot woot! I am blessed to also have the opportunity to intern at the LDS Church Headquarters in their magazines department in the fall, and then graduate with my bachelor’s degree in 3.5 years total! I should actually go into academic advising because thanks to me, Brett will also be graduating the following spring, so we will get to graduate together.
We are lucky and so blessed for the many good things we have in our family. We definitely know and recognize God’s hand in our lives without a doubt. We have a great marriage, friendship, and relationship. We have some wonderful family and friends that we pray for daily, and thank you for your love and influence in our lives!

Love, Brett and Lisa


  1. Great recap of a wonderful year of marriage. I am SO HAPPY that you and Brett found each other and are doing so well!

  2. Love it!! :) So glad we met you guys!! MWAH!